Little Boy Blue: Brief Thoughts On Men Who Cry

By Laurel Dammann Unlike many children, I have seen my father cry. Once. It was misty-eyed more than actual tears and it happened so abruptly and then ended so quickly that I sometimes wonder if it was actually the after effect of a sneeze. Then I remember how quickly he ducked his head, hiding himself … Continue reading Little Boy Blue: Brief Thoughts On Men Who Cry

Blizzard from the Left

Kicking the "Liberal Snowflake" Myth to the Curb By Laurel Dammann | Feature photograph by Rebecca Cohen, Sign by Sarah Lerner for the Women's March on Washington "It's that victim mentality," she says in a loud and breathy whisper. "It's saturating the nation." A brief disclaimer: I don't spend my life with my ear pressed … Continue reading Blizzard from the Left

Am I a Patriot?

By Laurel Dammann When I was young enough to be impressionable, but old enough to choose to ignore the impression, a family friend told me that "the most patriotic thing a person can do is question their government." Like many growing up in the United States, I knew the word "patriotic" well, so I disregarded … Continue reading Am I a Patriot?

The Kakas: An American Movement

by Laurel Dammann On November 19th, a group of about 200 gathered at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington DC for the annual National Policy Institute conference. The NPI describes itself as an "independent organization dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States, and around the world." … Continue reading The Kakas: An American Movement

1.9.2016: A Progressive’s Reflection

by Laurel Dammann This election has not changed America; it has revealed America. Under the guise of moral and religious belief and fueled by fear, frustration, and greed, unchecked capitalism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, and racism have long been left to fester in the heart of the American dream. With the help of irresponsible media and … Continue reading 1.9.2016: A Progressive’s Reflection