The Ether is a space for the expansion of social justice activism and civil awareness through writing that bends borders. It is also a space to enjoy creativity and revel in the random. The Ether is intended for the multitude of experiences, questions, opinions, and beliefs that define the human experience. The goal is to inspire thought and establish common ground.

The Ether encourages passion and honesty, but not at the expense of fact. It encourages humor and sarcasm, but not at the expense of greater kindness. It encourages challenging ideas and individuals, but without resting on generalizations. Members and visitors, feel free to comment, enter into discussion, and submit your own ideas, articles, or media for publication via the contact page. Please just adhere to the following rule to contribute:

  • [Insert action here.] Do it with the intent to reflect. This simply means that when you engage with The Ether community you are doing so with the intent to not only analyze other’s views, but your own.

Thank you and welcome to The Ether.