“I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet”: OurMusicMyBody and the Music Scene’s Shift Away from Sexual Violence

When we track down passes for a summer festival, once-over the loudly arranged concert flyers at coffee shops and dive bars, ask a friend who they’re belting along to during the ride home, press into the edge of the stage because there’s nowhere else to go, we are in tangent with billions of others.

We are living the unspoken truth that music- in its purest definition- is everyone’s. In the words of Jes Skolnik– longtime punk, managing editor of the Bandcamp Daily, and occasional freelance writer for Pitchfork: “Music is universal. Music is a space for everyone, but it’s not how those [music] spaces have been traditionally organized.”

Music, the ability to experience music, is all of ours, however, its inclusive soul doesn’t always play without problems in reality. Music does not exist in exception to society; it stems from it. The problems outside the concert hall don’t stop at the door.

Read the full article here.

Photo by  Ella Zhu.

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